Why Purewater

What are the benefits?

In the UK and other countries around the globe, more and more window cleaning companies are turning to reach and wash systems to wash windows at heights considered too dangerous or too difficult to be cleaned by the traditional ladder method.

Many window cleaners understanding of health and safety law is actually incorrect, it is still legal to use ladders in the UK as long as the work is for short periods of time and no other access is available, misunderstanding of health and safety legislation in the UK is common place and many window cleaners wrongly believe that ladder use for window cleaning is now illegal.

But how can pure water fed pole methods possibly clean windows as well as traditional methods, I hear you ask?

Water is constructed from one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, H2O, reverse osmosis and then the de-ionising purification process will remove all other particle and mineral deposits from the water, thus leaving no white spots behind on the glass surface as it evaporates after application, this will not be the only benefit of using this system though, very few people realise that pure water behaves almost like a solvent, as it fights to return back to its naturally impure state the water absorbs dirt on a molecular level.

Simply put, when purified water flows over a surface it actually dissolves and absorbs all the dirt and deposits on that surface and because the final rinse is also pure water, when left to dry naturally it leaves a streak free surface behind, and with no detergent residue left on the glass for dust to stick to so easily again the results are longer lasting, so an experienced window cleaner can achieve perfect results minus the potential risks of ladder use, so this could give you cleaner windows for a longer time!

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We have been cleaning in Northamptonshire since 1999, and using a reach and wash system since 2003.

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Here at Cleaner Windows we offer both domestic & commercial window cleaning services. We cover a large area of Northamptopshire including Towcester, Brixworth, Silverstone & more.

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